DURBAN: The Bhenicos Multimedia has made announcement of new developments to happen in the youtuber channel which would be launching later on April 2022.

From being the timer youtuber with 12-hour channel that was dedicated to believers and christians in accommodating everyone though; now the changes may comes with more contents for kids and family entertainment and will be available across the youtube to reach all regions.

In South Africa, Bhenicos MTV will be available for FREE to viewers for about three to five months from now and later on possibility indicating that there would be some premiums charged to subscribers. Through those future plans there would be BMTV Access and Grand Family customers will enjoy to view the channel through every devices before the end of the year of 2022.

The announcement made by executives emphasis that Bhenicos MTV is on the open spirit to create and build bold relationships which may see the channel partner with plenty number of organizations, public and private companies from every sizes.

The executive confirmed that the channel would also presents lifetime opportunities, in those who wish to participate from BMTV YO-Junior, including those cartoons and reading books with spelling contents.

Bhenicos MTV is one of incredible channel to Bhenicos Multimedia promised for fans and followers at the start of the year nothing but extensively intro to the market.

In the later year those who have been our fans and followers on youtube could get FREE three to four months when the subscription; and the subscribers can look forward to a new slot to the channel later this year for local drama, where Grand Family and MBTV Access customers will receive the series at their languages which talks about what is happening in their real living; the channel official kick-in may be not later than 30 October 2022.

The announcement of the new development for the channel came after Bhenicos revealed that the Board decided to implement new engagement to enter to the top and higher competitive; which may see the company and the production grows with creating number of employment opportunities before or at the end of the year.

Chief Marketing Director, Sifiso Sibiya said "with the meeting held over the weekend the board has made it clear that the company shall produce impressive strategies to a new developments that will put Bhenicos in a map". The company said that Bhenicos Multimedia opted to drop some of its contents, namely to not deliberately focusing to religions only but it should be more like the local to international channels with local movies, or drama or even news and sports.

Bhenicos MTV will continue broadcasting the religions with an additional to move for introducing the news content, and it will carry the languages on daily slot or bulletin to every moment.

Bhenicos main free-to-air youtuber channel is well customised and the new development menifesto should see the board being pushed for some few major licences under a separate agreement and would launch to air on it application.

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